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Focus Business School is a program for you who want to develop in working life and entrepreneurship. The training gives you the tools you need to start and run a successful company, as well as enhance your ability as an employee, manager and CEO in the business world.

Gaining knowledge and order in your economy is one of the most basic and useful things you can learn. These issues are especially important as the Bible contains much teaching about financial stewardship.

We are pleased to present our competent teaching staff, who have many years of professional experience from their respective fields. Their breadth and diversity will enrich you greatly.

You are very important to God and he wants you to find and develop the gifts and abilities he has given you. He wants to equip you with the best so that you will be sent to do your best in working life.

Course content (Online)

  1. Introduction, Background FBS, The Seed
  2. Debt, Storehouse, Budget,
  3. Dreams & Visions, Goalsetting, Plan of action
  4. Risk & Business, You and your business, Forecasted income statement, Business plan
  5. How the free market works, The Win-Win market, Networking
  6. Marketing, Selling, Pricing your product, Competition, Customer relations
  7. Hard work, Honesty & integrity, Service mind, Excellence, Innovative & Creative, Overcoming trouble
  8. God's will for your finances, God's care, Tithes, Giving - the natural lifestyle, The Samaritan's Purse, Ministry of giving
  9. To be a businessman and a man of God, Creating a good environment for your business, Purpose of money, To be content, The Church and the Businessman
Coffee is one of the main exports in Rwanda
Ola Ekman coaches mango seller Marie who attended the FBS school in Rwanda
Children taking a break at school
Typical fruit stall in Rwanda selling mango, papaya & avocado for 10 kr/kg

Sample lessons

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Study guide

Lesson 9 - Dreams and visions

Study guide

Lesson 29 - Hard work

Study guide